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Rolls Royce wedding car in Stone near Staffordshire


The gift. An important part of the wedding day that lets you express your love and friendship for the special couple. You know you want something different, something special and something that will stay with the couple long after the champagne hampers have been sipped away and the cash long since spent. But you just can't put your finger on what it should be.

After many conversations with friends and family members of couples, we decided to add this web page to demonstrate our wedding gift packages.


We work discreetly with our client's family and friends to deliver a beautiful surprise Rolls-Royce on the day. Speechless, touching and definitely a memory they will never forget.

"But we are staying at the venue the night before!"

No problem. We can provide a first-class journey transporting you, your guests and of course your luggage from home.

Start your big day, a day earlier and allow us to whisk you away to your chosen destination.

The time spent during this is usually shorter than wedding transport on the main day, making this a really affordable option!

Modern Wedding car in Staffordshire

To book a gift or to make an inquiry about our wedding car services please use the contact form below, or call our friendly team on: 01538 382048.


S. Sigley & Sons LTD. Wedding Cars |  Tel: 01538 382048


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